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1.        48 lecturers of Islamic Al Azhar Islamic University ....... non Egyptians.

A.      Are
B.       Am
C.       Is
D.      Were
E.       Was

2.        I meet Jonathan at the airport. He ....... so tired after the flight.

A.      Is
B.       Am
C.       Are
D.      Were
E.       Was

3.        Rashford and Rooney......  students at University of Manchester. They ....... so famous.

A.      Am, Am
B.       Was, Was
C.       Is, Is
D.      Were, Were
E.       Are, Are

4.        I see Andi at the bus stop today. ....... waits for the bus.

A.      I
B.       He
C.       She
D.      We
E.       You

5.        Richard and Vanessa go to the department store. ....... go there on foot.

A.      She
B.       You
C.       We
D.      They
E.       He

6.        Steve and his younger brother goes to Alfamart. ....... cross Sudirman street.

A.      You
B.       We
C.       They
D.      He
E.       She

7.        Rio, Jane and Bryan  always ........ late to the school every Monday.

A.      Come
B.       Comes
C.       Came
D.      Coming
E.       Caming

8.        The bird ........ over the the mango tree.

A.      Fly
B.       Flys
C.       Flyes
D.      Flies
E.       Flying

9.        The Farmers ........ Mice to keep their rice field.

A.      Catch
B.       Catches
C.       Catchs
D.      Caught
E.       Catching

10.    The authors ........ a new short story entitled “Me vs You” 2 months ago.

A.      Write
B.       Writes
C.       Wrote
D.      Written
E.       Writing

11.    George and Gina bought new apartment near their hometown in Australia.......

A.      Since this month
B.       For a month
C.       This month
D.      Last month
E.       Next month

12.    Bo Liem ........ onde-onde since 1940 in Mojokerto city, east java, Indonesia.

A.      Has sell
B.       Has sells
C.       Has selles
D.      Has sold
E.       Has selling

13.    Five children  ........ Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya Mall  for 3 hours.

A.      Have enter
B.       Have enters
C.       Have entered
D.      Have enteres
E.       Have entering

Deni                   :  Hello, Ahmad.
Ahmad               :   Hi, Deni(14) Nice to see you.
Deni                   :   Nice to see you, too. How are you?
Ahmad               :  ....................(15). And you?
Deni                   :   I am fine, thanks.
Ahmad               :  ..........(16) I introduce my friend?
   Her name is Nani.
Nani                   :  .......................(17)?
                              Nice to meet you.
Ahmad               :  How do you do
                              nice to meet you Nani, my name is Ahmad. Are you a student?
Nani                   :  Yes, I am, I study at Islamic Senior High School.
Ahmad               :  I am sorry, I have something to do............(18)
Deni and Nani   :  See you later Ahmad
14.    The underlined words mean.......

A.      Introduction
B.       Congratulation
C.       Asking help
D.      Greetings
E.       Leave-talking

15.    A.  Ok, fine
B.     Yes, thank you
C.     Thank you, fine
D.    I fine thank you
E.     I’m fine, thank you

16.    A.  Must
B.     Will
C.     May
D.    Shall
E.     Should

17.    A.  How are you
B.     How do you do
C.     What do you do
D.    How is life
E.     Where do you do

18.    A.  See you later
B.     Nice to meet you
C.     Nice to see you
D.    Find you later
E.     Meet you later

19.    When you see your teachers on your way home, what should you do......

A.      See them
B.       Look at them
C.       Phone them
D.      Greet them
E.       Ignore them

20.    The purpose of self-introduction is......

A.      to introduce your friend
B.       to introduce your family
C.       to introduce your classmate
D.      to introduce your friends
E.       to introduce yourself

Applying to University
I went to University of Sydney Autralia on december 2015. I did not go there for a vacation. I had to attend a meeting in aacordance with my application proposal for master degree. I was so nervous while I was doing my presentation in front of the interviewers. They consisted of 2 professors and an academic administrator. Fortunately I did the presentaion well and my application was accepted. It was a memorable experience that i will never forget.
21.    What is the generic structure of the text?
A.      Newsworthy events > background events > sources
B.       Identification > description
C.       Orientation > event > re-orientation
D.      Orientation > complication > resolution
E.       General classification > description
22.    The word “They” in line 3 refers to........

A.      Professors
B.       Administrator
C.       Interviewers
D.      Presentation
E.       Proposal

23.    “It was a memorable experience” One of the following words is the antonym of the underlined word is.....

A.      Amazing
B.       Forgetful
C.       Funny
D.      Unforgetful
E.       Interesting

24.    What is the type of the text above?

A.      Narrative
B.       Recount
C.       news item
D.      descriptive
E.                 procedure

25.    The purpose of the author to write the story is…..

A.      to entertain the reader about real story
B.       to entertain the reader about unreal story
C.       to entertain the reader about imaginative story
D.      to entertain the reader about funny story

E.       to entertain the reader about fiction story

  1. A
  2. A
  3. E
  4. B
  5. D
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D
  9. A
  10. C
  11. D
  12. D
  13. C
  14. D
  15. E
  16. C
  17. B
  18. A
  19. D
  20. E
  21. C
  22. E
  23. B
  24. B
  25. A


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