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I.    Choose the best answer!
1.        Dani    : Hi Dina.
Dani    : Hi Dani.
Dani    : How if the next holiday we go to the beach?
Dina    : ….
Dani    : Why?
Dina    : Because the weather is not good.
a.    I doubt you                c.  That’s not good        e.  I really like your great idea
b.    I don’t know            d.  I disagree with you

2.    Shanti    : Is something wrong? You don’t look very good.
Shinta    : I’m feeling bad at this time. I’m so sad.
Shanti    : Well, what’s going on?
Shinta    : I really hurt my sister’s feeling.
Shanti    : …. You must say sorry to her.
a.    That’s good                c.  You did it well        e.  I am glad you did it
b.    Don’t be sad            d.  It doesn’t matter
3.    Mrs.Ria: Hi, why do you look so sad? I know you are not concentrating on the lesson. What’s
Rida    : I feel sad because my mother is in hospital now.
Mrs.Ria: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
Rida    : Thank you.
Mrs.Ria: How is her condition now?
Rida    : I don’t know for sure, Ma’am. I haven’t got the news yet.
Mrs.Ria: You can call your father to ask your mother’s condition.
Rida    : Yes, Ma’am. Thank you.
From the dialogue above, Rida expresses her ….
a.    love         b.  sadness           c.  anger        d.  annoyance        e.  embarrassment

Text 1 (Questions 4-8)

Long time ago, the crow and the peacock were best friends. The crow was not black at the beginning, while the peacock did not have colorful feathers. Its feathers were white.
Although they were best friends, both of them had different habits. The peacock was very tidy, while the crow was messy. Just look at their nests. The peacock’s nest was clean and tidy but the crow’s nest was full of rubbish.
One day, the peacock told the crow, “Oh, I’m tired of being white. What about you?”
“So am I.” replied the crow. “What should we do about it?”
“Let’s get some paint and color our feathers, shall we?” the peacock suggested.
“That’s a wonderful idea.” said the crow.
“You can paint me, and then I will paint you.” said the peacock.
They found some paint. The peacock told the crow what color should be put on each of his feathers. Soon, the peacock had beautiful feathers.
“Now, I’ll paint you.” said the peacock.
Unfortunately, it was time for dinner and the crow was very hungry. Suddenly, he saw a dead body of a dog, floating on the river. “Just use one color only, okay?” the crow told the peacock. “I’m very hungry, so hurry up, please.”
“Don’t you want to look beautiful like me?” asked the peacock.
“No, I don’t care. I just don’t want to miss my dinner.” The crow said.
So, the peacock painted the crow with one color only. It was black. As soon as he had finished his painting, the crow jumped into the river and caught the dead dog.
From then on, peacocks had beautiful feathers and crows were black.

4.    The genre of the above text is ….
a.  Report            d.  Analytical exposition
b.  Descriptive            e.  Hortatory exposition
c.  Narrative
5.    Did the crow and the peacock have a good friendship?
a.  No, they are not.         d.  Yes, they did.
b.  No, they did not.        e.  Yes, they have.
c.  No, they have not.
6.    Who was painted first?
a.    the crow    b.  the peacock              c.  the dog    d.  the friend          e.  the crow and the peacock
7.    What is the color of the crow’s feathers now?
a.    black        b.  white              c.  green        d.  yellow           e.  colorful
8.    “ … both of them had different habits. (par.2, line 1) The underlined word “them” refers to ….
a.    the crow    b.  the peacock              c.  the dog    d.  the friend          e.  the crow and the peacock

9.    My younger sister … a novel in her room last night.
a.    read           b.  reads        c.  reading        d.  is reading        e.  was reading
10.    The students … to the library when the teacher entered the class.
a.    go           b.  goes        c.  gone        d.  going        e.  were going


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