increasing revenue with adsense

1. Topics, Content & Keyword
These 3 things are the main factors affecting many / at least your ad clicks. The reason is that the number of people interested in one topic and the other is different. Quality content is the main factor why people want to read and linger in your blog. Keyword or keyword to be a reference advertising like what will be displayed on your site.

2. Traffic / Visitor
Who will click on your ad? of course visitors is not it ?. The more visitors, the more potential ad clicks. The problem is, what percentage of visitors click on your ad. This is largely determined by the characteristics of the visitor.
this is the most difficult factor for our optimization. First, the number of visitors who become the most important factor is not easy to get. Secondly, not many visitors will click on your ad. The first point, is the absolute requirement that you should continue to optimize because however many visitors are directly proportional to the income. So, optimize your number of visitors first, just do the third step below.
Create a Comfortable Visitor, Yep, make visitors comfortable. Do not let them close our site before they read our blog content. Many things can make visitors comfortable. The 2 most important things are content and design, which are also discussed specifically in this article. Another thing that can make visitors comfortable, is your writing style. The straightforward, clear but casual grammar also affects the visitor's convenience. the convenience of visitors is to make visitors linger on our blog and bring it together with ads that are suitable for them.
Visitors Of Search Engines Better, Traffic source of a blog of course different. Some are from blogwalking, forums, social media and search engines. Of all, the most potential visitors to ad clicks are visitors from the search engines. Ask why? because most of them come to find a solution where the solution is very likely to exist in our ads. The other reason is that they really do not know us, so they will not hesitate to click on the ads if they fit their needs. In contrast to visitors from blogwalking, forums or social media that in fact comes because we are promoting either openly or hidden. They are also usually reluctant to click on ads because they know, if we berpromosi.Jadi, optimize visitors who come from search engines with SEO optimization.
Characteristics of Visitors Very Determining, Know that the characteristics of each blog visitors vary. There are visitors who are willing to click on ads because of respect with you who provide free content, there are mediocre, there are also who hate you because there are ads on your blog. All these characteristics are determined by where they come from, Topics, content and design of your blog, writing style and so on.

3. Design And Templates
The design and template of your blog greatly affect the characteristics of visitors. Psychologically, a design can affect the mood and comfort of visitors. In addition, the design can also make visitors focus on certain areas of your site.
The suggested design is oriented to the psychology of the visitor so that his attention is focused on advertising.
Visitors do not come to your blog to click on ads. A good ad placement greatly affects the potential ad clicks

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