What is CPM, CPC, PPC, CPA and CTR?

What is the difference between Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Pay Per Click (PPC)? the two terms are different from the meaning of the line.
What is CPM, CPC, PPC, CPA and CTR?

What is CPM?
Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) is a term in online advertising media that is closely related to site traffic. As the name implies, the cost advertiser must spend on every 1000 ad impressions seen by site visitors. CPM is considered an online advertising strategy that resembles other media concepts such as TV, radio and prints that sell ads based on the number of viewers, listeners or readers.
Impression is a display of ads that visitors see when on a web page. It can be said that one pageview (counting pages) counts as an impression. In order to maintain the advertiser's convenience of cheating, then the site pages are deliberately refreshed does not count. Determination of CPM rates based on 1000 impressions so that advertisers more easily manage according to budget and target.

What is CPC?
Cost-Per-Click (CPC) can be considered the opposite of CPM. Where the new Advertiser will pay if the ad is clicked directly by the visitor. Want regardless of the occurrence of Impression, as long as no single ad clicked and visited by blog visitors, then the advertiser does not need to pay a penny to publisher. No wonder this concept is preferred by advertisers, but also depends on the target and preferences of the advertiser itself.
CPCs for small-scale publishers are the best option for earning revenue. Although large-scale publishers come into play. The concept of this ad really potential, even printing a lot of money if able to maximize high-traffic sites.

What is a CPA?
Cost Per Action (CPA) is considered the best option by some circles, let alone very profitable advertiser. If other advertising concepts often give disappointing results because no conversion, sales or main target, CPA can meet all without draining the bag. Publisher less like it because new revenue is obtained if the visitor finished doing all the advertiser orders. Some circles also call CPA similar affiliate marketing.

What is CTR?
Click Through Ratio (CTR) is a ratio that shows how often people who see our ads eventually click on those ads. Clickthrough rate (CTR) can be used to measure how well our keywords and ads perform.
CTR is the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown
CTR = (click ÷ impressions)*100%
For example, if we have 5 clicks and 1,000 impressions, your CTR is 0.5%.
Each ad and keyword has each CTR that can be viewed listed in our account.
High CTR is a good indication that users find our ads useful and relevant. CTR also contributes to the expected CTR of the keyword (the Quality Score component), which may affect the cost and position of the ad. And worth noting is a reasonable CTR value, for example CTR 50%, this can be seen as an unnatural value if there are 500 clicks in 1000 impressions.

What is PPC?
Pay Per Click (PPC) is another term for Cost Per Click (CPC). Both are similar but only different terms. This advertising concept benefits advertiser because only need to pay publisher if happened click. In advertising, advertisers rely on relevant keywords that search engine robots search for.
The price of each keyword varies, even publishers and advertisers can not specify themselves other than third parties (example: Google Adsense). Certain keywords are of low value, and vice versa. Therefore, advertisers try as closely as possible not to take expensive keywords. While publisher precisely targeting expensive keywords by creating related content.
Although some parties refer to PPC as the advertising concept of the lowest risk, but that does not mean free from all kinds of click fraud. Google has installed an automated system to deal with fraudulent clicks that might be done by competitors or naughty publishers. Unfortunately all these efforts are still not enough, even the development continues to be done for the convenience of the advertiser.

Put Ad script?
Publisher's site must install the html / script code that provided to keep the ads appearing. Ads and site content likely are relevant to your keywords, so cooking sites do not show beauty ads. Ad position may also be placed as long as it does not violate the terms of the third party alias service provider.

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