a pipeline in computer technology

Have you ever heard about a pipeline in computer technology? Guess what. Right. A pipeline is very close to a computer. But can you tell me what a pipeline is? Well, let me explain. A pipeline in a computer is a sequence of stages a computer uses to carry out instructions.
The CPU makes sure every stage in a pipeline is always operating on an instruction. As a stage of a pipeline in the CPU finishes manipulating an instruction, it  hands its instruction to the next stage and gets another instruction from the stage before it,  moving several instructions along the pipeline simultaneously. This process is more efficient than it would be if each instruction had to start at the first stage after the previous instruction finished the final stage.
Oh, I almost forgot, the more pipelines a CPU has, the faster it can execute instructions. A CPU with two or more pipelines is said to be a super pipelined or superscalar. Okay. Have you got it? Not yet. How about going to the library and searching for more explanations about a pipeline? See you and good luck.

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