Asking for and showing attention

Asking for and showing attention

When you tell a story, you can use questions to attract your listeners’ attention. Whereas when you listen to a story, you can use several expressions to show that you are paying attention to what is being talked about.

Asking for attention
Excuse me, I wonder if I could trouble you ….
May I have your attention, please?
Excuse me, ….
Sorry to trouble you.
Sorry to bother you.
Look at me!
Look what I’ve got here.
Look here.
Attention, please!
Excuse me!

Showing attention
I see. -  Tell me more about it.
Oh, yes. -  Really?
Mmm... -  Oh, my God! What happens next?
A  ha...            -  And then  what?
How interesting!                     -  What’s next?
I know what you mean.          -   Is that all?
Oh, oh!                                    -   Indeed?
Well, well, well…                   -   Oh, no!

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