Ways to say it: Expressing feelings

Situation 1 : Soraya meets Adam at the cafeteria.

Soraya : Hello, Adam. How are you getting on?
Adam :  Fine, thanks. How are you?
Soraya :  I’m very well. Thank you.
Adam :  Have you finished your lunch?
Soraya :  Yes, I have. I’d better be going, or I’ll be late at my office. Goodbye, Adam.
Adam :  Goodbye, Soraya. See you tomorrow.

Situation 2 : In the banquet room was a group of well-dressed people chatting among themselves. Soraya approached one of them.

Soraya :   Good morning. Do you know who Susan Brandy is?
Adam :   She’s over there.
Soraya :   Thank you. (Soraya went up to her). Hi, I am Soraya. How do you do?
Susan  :   Hello, Soraya. This is Peter and Teddy. I’m sure you’ve heard of them.
Soraya :   How do you do, sir?
Peter    :   Hello. My wife has told me a great deal about you.
Soraya : Nothing too terrible I hope, sir.
Peter    : On the contrary. She has said only good things about you.
Soraya : Thank you, sir. (She turns to Teddy). Good afternoon, sir.
Teddy : Hello, Soraya.
Soraya : It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir.
Teddy : Thank you. You’re looking very well.
Soraya : So are you, sir. I’m so sorry about what happened yesterday.
Teddy : Thank you. Are you set up here to take care of all of us?
Soraya : Oh, yes. I think we can make everyone comfortable.
Teddy : That’s good. Sorry, but I would like to get freshened up.
Soraya : Of course. It was pleased to meet you.
Teddy : Well, good night.

Ways to say it: Expressing feelings

Expressing happiness
Oh, I’m so happy.
I can’t say how pleased I am.
I had a splendid time there.
What a marvelous place I’ve ever seen.
It’s an outstanding adventure.
It’s an interesting experience.
It’s a sensational trip.
Hey, that’s terrific/great!

Expressing boredom
I think it was a boring holiday.
It sounds boring.
It’s totally/awfully boring.
I’m rather bored.
How boring!
I don’t think the trip was very interesting.
I’m fed up with it.
It’s totally boring.
The film was awfully boring.
How boring!
How unexciting!
I’m fed up with all your grumbling!
Not interesting.

Expressing disappointment
That’s very disappointing.
I must say I’m really disappointed.
It’s a great disappointment.
That’s too bad.
Oh no!
That’s too bad
That’s a real shame/pity.
It’s a real shame.
Bad luck!

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