Have you ever visited Singapore?

. Listen to this monolog

          Have you ever visited Singapore? Well, if you haven’t, let me tell you about Singapore. Singapore is an island city. Its population is about three millions people. Most Singaporeans live in high-rise apartments.
          Uhm…Singapore is a beautiful city with lots of parks and open spaces. It is also a very clean city. You know, the business district is very modern, with lots of tall and new buildings.
          Now, let me tell you about the old section of the city. In Chinatown, there are rows of old shop houses. The government buildings in Singapore are also very unique and antique. They date from the British colonial days.
          Shopping! Wow, this is the part that I like very much! Singapore is famous for its many good shopping centers. Most of the goods are duty free. It’s a heaven for shoppers!
          What about food? Uhmm ..yummy..yummy. It’s delicious. Singapore’s restaurants provide Chinese, Indian, Malay, and European food, and the prices are quite reasonable. I bet you’ll like it.
         Well, since Singapore lies near the equatorial line, of course, it has a tropical climate, with a nice weather in both dry and rainy season.

 Listen to the following conversation.

Belle :  Have you ever been to Singapore? I’m going there in June.
Mike :  Actually, I was there last April.
Belle :  You were? Tell me about it. What was it like?
Mike  :  Oh, it’s terrific. Singapore is a beautiful city with lots of parks and open   spaces. The city is so clean, and you know what, the business district in Singapore is very modern, with lots of tall buildings everywhere.
Belle :  Where did you go, Mike?
Mike    :  Sentosa Island, Esplanade, Chinatown, Kampung Melayu in Bugis Street, Orchard Road, shopping district.
Belle : Sounds great! And how did you go around the city?
Mike    : It’s easy. I took MRT. It’s one of the cheapest transportation choices in Singapore.
Belle : How about the food? What is the best food in Singapore?
Mike : Well, you can find Chinese, Indian and Malay foods at reasonable prices
Belle : Listen. I also want to buy a camera. Where do you think I should go?
Mike    : Well, there are lots of camera shops in the Orchard District with an excellent selection. You can go there.

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