expressions of showing gratitude

Read and listen to these conversations carefully. Pay attention to their intonation. Then, underline the expressions of showing gratitude

Conversation l

A : Hello, John Smith speaking.
B : Hello. This is Helen Jones. May I speak to your sister?
A : She just stepped out. I think she’s next door. I can call her if you like.
B : No, thank you. I’ll phone again later. Good-bye.
A : Good-bye

Where are they? Are they at the same place?
How do they get in touch?

Conversation 2

A : Excuse me, but can you tell me how to get to the museum?
B : I’m afraid I don’t know, I’m new here myself.
A : I see. Thanks anyway.
B : Sorry I can’t help you.

Where are the speakers?
Do they know each others very well? How do you know?

Conversation 3

A : Would you like a little more tea?
B : Yes, please.
A : Please have another piece of cake.
B : Thank you. Uhm, Jane, I heard you were ill so I brought you some fruit.
A : Thanks, Bill.
B : You’re welcome. By the way, this is for you, Mary.
A         : For me? Really? Thank you, Bill. Oh, a book! How nice of you! Thanks a lot.
B : Don’t mention it, Mary. I’m very glad you like it.
A : Well, how about another piece of cake?
B : No, thanks. It’s delicious, but I’ve had plenty.

Where are they?
Do they know each other well?

Conversation 4

A : Oops! Sorry.
B : It’s okay. Oh, your books are wet.
A : It doesn’t matter. It’s my fault.
B : Here. I’ll wipe your books with my handkerchief.
A : No, thank you. It’s not necessary. Don’t worry about it.

What do the last sentences mean?

Conversation 5

A      : I’m going to the post office. Would you like me to post that letter for you?
B      : I’ll go to the post office myself a little later, so I’ll take it. Thanks anyway.

      What do the last sentences mean?

Conversation 6

A : Hi, Mary, are you busy tonight?
B : No. Why?
A : Well, I’m giving a farewell party for Tom. Can you come?
B : Yes, I’d love to. What time is it going to be?
A : At seven o’clock tonight.
B : All right. I won’t miss it. Thank you.

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