Asking for information

Listen to a student talking about her school.

Let me tell you about my school. My school is located in a suburban area near Mahakam Street. It is near the greatest landmark. It is one of the best schools in our town. Uhm…my school is not small at all. The library is in front of the school building. Oh yes, I almost forget, it has a cozy playground at the back and 27 large classrooms to study. There is a large basketball field in the middle. Two toilets, one for males and the other for females. And of course, it has 3 laboratories for chemistry, biology, and physics. The school building consists of two-stair-classroom, upper classrooms and lower classrooms. The canteen is the students’ most favorite place. That’s all about my school.

Get It Right

Ways to say it

Asking for information
I’d like to know ….
I’m interested in …..
Could you tell me ….?
Do you know ….?
Could you find out …?
Could I ask …?
Do you happen to know …?

I’d say …
Could it be …
Perhaps it’s …
I think it’s …
It looks like …
It’s difficult to say, but I’d guess …

Right or wrong

That’s right.

No, I’m afraid not.
Not quite.
You’re close.
I don’t know.
I’m not sure.

When you are surprised:
Are you joking?
Where? Show me.
I can’t see that.

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