Menerapkan bentuk pasif untuk mendeskripsikan benda,

Menerapkan bentuk pasif untuk mendeskripsikan benda,
Berikut adalah kunci jawabannya.

1. This musical instrument is called an angklung. It is made in Indonesia. It is from Sunda, West Java. It is made from bamboo. It is used to play traditional as well as modern music.

2. This cloth is called an ulos. It is made in North Sumatra, Indonesia. It is worn in special events like weddings and funerals. It is draped on one shoulder or both shoulders. It is made of cotton. It is woven by hand.

3. This bag is called a noken. It is made in Papua, Indonesia. The bag is very strong because it is made from wood bre or leave bre. It is used to carry many things. It is hung on the head.

4. The beautiful umbrellas are called payung geulis. They are made in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia. They are made from plain waterproof paper or cloth. Beautiful pictures of €owers are painted on paper umbrellas. On cloth umbrellas, the pictures are embroidered.

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