Asking if someone remembers or not

Listen to the conversations. Then answer the following questions.

Conversation 1

Man: Did you enjoy your weekend at the tea plantation ?
Woman: Certainly, It’s a marvelous place I’ve ever seen

Conversation 2

Woman: Frankly, darling, having holiday in a quiet island is boring to me.
Man: Alright, alright. We’ll go home tomorrow.

Conversation 3

 Boy 1:  Oh, it’s a shame.  I was hoping we got a big fish.
 Boy 2:  Never mind. We are fishing again tomorrow. Cheer up!

Ways to say it: Asking if someone remembers or not

Formal expressions
I wonder if you remember ….
You remember ...., don’t you?
You haven’t forgotten ...., have you?
Don’t you remember ....?
Do you happen to remember it now?

Ways to respond
Let me think, yes, I remember.
I remember especially the scenery.
I’ll never forget that.
I’ll always remember.
I can remember it clearly.
Informal expressions
Remember the old house we used to live in?
Remember that?
I’m sorry, I don’t remember.

Ways to respond
Hold on. Yes, got it!
I know ….
It’s coming back to me now.

Response if you forget
Sorry, I’ve completely forgotten.
I’m afraid I forget.
I really can’t remember.
I’m afraid I have no memory of him.
Err, let me think. No, it’s gone.
Sorry, it slipped off my mind.

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