menggunakan kata kerja dalam bentuk kalimat pasif (passive voice).

Fungsi Sosial
Kalimat pasif memiliki fungsi strategis dalam teks-teks yang lebih terfokus pada obyeknya, misalnya untuk menyebutkan identitas, materi pembentuk benda, keadaan yang mengenai benda, dan perasaan.

The fruit is called ‘belimbing’ in bahasa Indonesia, and ‘star fruit’ in English.
The child was named ‘Iriani’ because she was born in Irian.
It is located 20 km to the southwest of Manokwari.

Materi pembentuk benda
The mat is made of pandan leaf.
Satay is made from meat.

Keadaan yang mengenai benda
It is made in Indonesia.
My brother is married now. He’s married to a Japanese girl.

Struktur Teks
Karena fungsinya adalah pada obyek bukan pada subyek pelakunya, maka kalimat pasif meletakkan obyek sebagai tema (berada pada awal kalimat). Pelakunya seringkali tidak perlu disebutkan.

My eldest sister was born in 1985.
Our school was built almost 50 years ago, but it is still strong and looks as beautiful as ever.
The box was already opened when I found it. The package had been stolen.
In Indonesia, oil palm trees are grown along the Sumatra island.
Many houses were damaged very badly by the earthquake.
Yudi was suspended for two weeks because he bullied Ferry.

He is very disappointed by his English test. He did not do it well.
I was shocked to know that he failed the exam.
Many people are interested in your paintings.
Aren’t you tired of playing the games. I think they are boring.
Many people are easily frustrated because of very simple things.

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