fungsi dan struktur makna dan unsur kebahasaan untuk menyuruh atau melarang orang lain

fungsi dan struktur makna dan unsur kebahasaan untuk menyuruh atau melarang orang lain melakukan sesuatu serta menjelaskan kegunaannya dengan menyebutkan tujuannya.

Edo dinasihati teman-temannya
Edo: The pterperincipal called me to his oce because I was late again today.
Dayu: My God. Again? Why are you often late to school?
Edo: I have some chores to do before I go to school.
Lina: Of course. You are a big boy now, and you must do the housework.
What do you have to do before you go to school?
Edo: Many things. After I make my bed, I have to go out of my room straight away, to pump water to !ll the bath tub and the water jar, and to water the plants too. In this dry season, I have to water the yard before I sweep it so that the dust will not blow around. You know, I have to sweep the yard too.
Lina: Get real! Of course you have to do those things, not your mother, not your father. Just get up early, so that you can !nish your chores before six. Take a bath, have breakfat, and o! you go to school.
Edo: In fact, I get up at !ve. But, I often fall asleep again on the sofa in front of the TV.
Dayu: That’s not good, Edo. When you get up, have a little exercise so that you will feel healthy and strong. Do it outside so that you can breathe the fresh morning air.
Edo: Right. Thanks, guys. I will do your advice, and I hope I will not be late again.

Siti dinasihati teman-temannya
Siti: I’ve been late to school three times this month, too. Because I walk to school now. My father does not take me to school on his motor bike any more.
Edo: Why?
Siti: My mom says that I have to walk to school so that I will not easily get a cold or "u. The problem is I can’t walk fast, and I get tired easily.
Beni: Siti, I think you have been a bit spoiled by your father. Be a big girl, and learn to be more independent. Don’t be spoiled. You should move more so that you will be healthier and stronger than ever before.
Lina: I think your mom is right. You get sick easily because I think you move too little. Come on, your home is less than 1 km from the school. Go to school on foot in order to be healthy and strong.
Beni: If you cannot walk fast, just get up earlier so that you can leave for school earlier too.
Siti: I always wake up before !ve to do my Subuh prayer. But after that I have to help my mom prepare the breakfast for the family.
Dayu: You must, Siti. You will not let your mom cook the breakfast herself, will you? Just work faster and then get ready for school so that you can leave your home around 6.
Udin: Or, leave at 6.30 but walk faster.
Siti: Thanks, guys. I will try. I will learn to be a better person.

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