Memberikan deskripsi tentang suatu obyek dalam bentuk pasif

A: Wow, the sandals are very artistic and beautiful.
B: Actually they are clogs. They are made in Tasikmalaya, too. They are made from light wood. They are carved by hand. They are then painted in beautiful colours and decorated with artistic pictures. The straps also look gorgeous, don’t they?

A: Yes, they do. What are the straps made of?
B: They are made of strong materials, like fabric, plastic, or leather.

A: Are they worn for everyday use?
B: Not really. I think they are only worn for formal occasionns and parties.

A: Awesome. Those knives of yours from Indonesia look artistic.
B: They are not just knives. They are weapons. This one is shaped like an L, isn’t it? It is called a ‘rencong’. It is from Aceh. And, this one is shaped like a machete but it is long, thin, and pointed. It is called ‘mandau’. It is from Dayak culture, Kalimantan.

A: Are the weapons still used in wars?
B: I don’t think so. There are no wars in Indonesia now. They are just objects of arts. They are sold as souvenirs. Usually they are hung on the wall for decoration.

A: Did you get the beautiful art objects from Indonesia?
B: Yes. Indonesia is also well known for the very artistic wood carving like these two souvenirs.

A: So, they are made of wood? Are they carved by hand?
B: Yes, they are made of very hard wood. They are hand-made. They are carved by traditional carvers with a very sharp mullet called a ‘tatah’.

A: Where are they made?
B: The scenery carving hanging on the walls made in Jepara, Central Java, and the ganesha sculpture is made in Bali.

A: These puppets are very artistic. Are they made in Indonesia too?
B: Yes, they are made in Indonesia. They are made from water bu!alo hide or leather, so it is called wayang kulit. Very "ne holes all over the wayang are punched one by one with a tatahto create the beautiful patterns.

A: The stick attached to the wayang kulit is very "ne and smooth. What is it made from?
B: It is made from bu!alo horn. Some cheap wayangs use wooden sticks.

A: Are wayangs used as toys?
B: No, they are not toys. They are used to tell stories from Ramayana and Mahabarata epics. People watch them as shadows on a large screen. They are played by a puppeteer called a dalang.

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