menggunakan ungkapan saran beserta tujuannya

menggunakan ungkapan saran beserta tujuannya, secara bermakna, dengan baik dan benar.

Dialogue 1
Beni: “Remember that Dayu got diarrhea because she did not wash the fruit before she ate it”
Lina: “So, you should always wash your fruit before you eat it so that you will not get diarrhea.”

Dialogue 2
Siti: “Edo catches a cold easily because he never has enough exercise everyday.”
Udin: “So, you need enough exercise everyday so that you will not catch a cold easily.”

Dialogue 3
Edo: “I feel sore all over my body.”
Dayu: “You can just stretch your body so that you can use your little time between classes to keep you healthy.”

Dialogue 4
Siti: “ I exercise before I go to school so I often come late to school.”
Lina: In order not to be late to school you should not exercise too long in the morning.

Dialogue 5
Beni: “There are so many mosquitoes in my house. I feel so annoyed”
Edo: “So that there is no mosquito in your house, you should clean your bath tub regularly.”

Dialogue 6
Lisa: “We have too much unrecyclable stu everywhere.”
Edo: “We should reuse plastic bags so that we can reduce plastic waste. “

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