contoh memberikan direction

Armand : Excuse me, Ipah. Are you busy at the moment?
 Ipah : A little bit. What's up?
 Armand : Well, I have to go to Swarahati Recording. How do I get there?
 Ipah : So, you drive! Well, do you know Orchid Hotel?
 Armand : Sure, It's on Jati Street.
 Ipah : Yes. Flollow Jati Street. At the end of the street, turn left and get on the   bridge. Cross it. You'll be on Cobra Street. Then go stright for two blocks.
 Armand : Slow down, Ipah. So, after the bridge I just go along Cobra Street for two blocks.
 Ipah : Yup. Afterwars, you must turn left to Merpati Street. The first buliding on the right is the public library. GO straight until you see the second intersection. Are you with me?
 Armand : Hold on... I think so. Okay, go on.
 Ipah : Do not cross the intersection. Look to your right. Swarahati Recording is located in the last building on the right. It's on the second floor.
 Armand : THe last building, just before the second intersection... But do I have to make a u-turn?
 Ipah : No, you don;t. It is one-way street.
 Armand: Oh, thanks, Ipah.Ipah: Anytime, Armand.

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