percakapan dengan memberi saran dan menyetujui atau tidak menyetujui saran yang diberikan

percakapan dengan memberi saran dan menyetujui atau tidak menyetujui saran yang diberikan, berdasarkan situasi yang diberikan.
Peserta didik memerankan tokoh Lina, Siti, dayu, Udin, Edo, dan Beni.

Situation 1:
Dayu, Udin and Lina are in front of the classroom, reminding each other that they should do the chores before they go to school.
The conversation:
Lina: “My mom makes me do the housework before I go to school.”
Dayu: “I think you should. Your mom is right. You are a teenager now.”
Udin: “I agree with you Dayu. Our home is our home. If we live there, we should take care of it ourselves.”

Situation 2:
Beni, Edo, and Udin are sitting in the library during the break. The furniture is dusty. The books and the newspapers on the big table are messy.
The conversation:
Edo: “Don’t you think that our library looks dirty and messy? Let’s do something to make it more tidy.”
Beni: “Why not? What if you dust the furniture, I tidy up the table, and Udin sweep the !oor?”
Udin: “I agree with you. But let’s ask Ibu Tuti, our librarian, for permission "rst.”

Situation 3:
Dayu, Siti, and Edo are sitting under a tree eating their lunch they have brought from home.
Dayu: “I bring my lunch from home every day. I think everybody should bring lunch to school. It saves a lot of money.”
Siti: “I agree with Lina. We should save money. We should not buy lunch in the canteen. It is more expensive.”
Edo: “Yes, you are right. We can help our parents to save money.”

Situation 4:
Dayu’s mother was angry with her because she came home late yesterday.
Dayu: “My mom was a bit angry with me because I got home too late yesterday, at three p.m. I went to the book shop, but I did not tell her.”
Beni: “I think she should. You should go home straight away after school. You should not make your mom worried.”
Lina: “I agree. You should always tell your mom that you will go home late if you have something else to do after school.”

Situation 5:
Siti, Udin, Lina are planning to walk to the hill next Sunday morning.
Siti: “What if we walk to the hill for exercise next Sunday morning. We should have enough exercise to be healthy.”
Udin: “That’s a good idea. I will come. We should walk because walking is healthy.”
Lina: “Let’s start from the front of the school at !ve thirty. The air is still very fresh and cool. Don’t forget to bring fresh water, ok?”

Situation 6:
Edo, Dayu, and Lina are planning to visit their teacher, Mr. Sidin, who has been in hospital for two days.
Siti: “Mr Sidin is sick and has been in hispital for two days. Why don’t we go and see him this afternoon.”
Udin: “Yes, why not? If a teacher is sick, we should visit him to show our care for him. Should we bring something for him?”
Lina: “Yes, we should bring something that will help him or the family go through the time easily. Let’s chip in to buy bananas and oranges for him and his family.”

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