Read the following Text and choose the best answer

I.         Read the following Text and choose the best answer!
Text 1 is for question no. 1 - 5

      Almost everyone eats bread daily, especially for breakfast. Bread making is not a complicated task. You only need flour, water, yeast, sugar, salt, oil, butter and an oven.
      Choosing good flour is the first step in making bread. There are two kinds of flour, soft and hard. Hard flour, made of winter wheat, is a better choice for making bread because it produces bread that has a better texture and taste.
      Then, lukewarm water, yeast, sugar and salt are mixed with the flour to make dough. Yeast is microscopic organism that is capable of producing carbon dioxide. It can make the dough rise or expand. Both sugar and salt give flavor to the bread so that it tastes nice. They however, have different effects on yeast. After that, oil (such as olive oil, corn oil, peanut oil) and butter are added because they are essential to make the bread tender. After mixing all the ingredients, the dough is sent to the oven.

1.    Which wheat is tastier?

a.    Soft wheat is tastier
b.   Winter wheat tastes better
c.    Hard bread made by wheat is tastier
d.   The wheat that produces flour tastes better
e.    Wheat mixed with salt and sugar tastes better

2.    Bread using hard flour ......... better texture and taste.

a.    makes
b.   mixes
c.    combines
d.   adds
e.    tastes

3.    Bread making is not a complicated task (paragraph 1).
The antonym of the underlined word is …………

a.   Simple
b.   Sophisticated
c.   Modern
d.  Difficult
e.   Different

4.    What is the purpose of the text?
a.    To explain the process of making a proper bread
b.    To persuade the reader that something is the case
c.    To describe a particular person or thing
d.   To retell an event with a numerous twist
e.    To retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining
5.    What does powered yeast refer to…..

a.    Yeast is a microscopic organism
b.    Yeast that cannot mix with sugar
c.    Yeast that can be dissolved in water
d.   An organism that comes form wheat
e.    Yeast that is capable of producing carbon dioxide

6.   Who is the man?”
  “Oh, he is a father _______ son is studying abroad.

a.    which    
b.    what      
c.    who
d.   whom
e.    whose

7.    Mamat: Where is your handphone?
Manaf : it . . . .

a.    is repaired
b.    is being repaired
c.    was repaired
d.   has repaired
e.    had repaired

1.      B  
2.      A  
3.      D  
4.      A  
5.      E  
 6.      E 
7. B

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