(Accept any possible answers) Examples

Teacher : Hi, why do you look so sad? I know you are not concentrating on the
    lesson. What’s wrong?
You : I’m feeling bad at this time. I need a lot of money to pay my school fees.
    and my mother is having surgery in a hospital..
Teacher : Oh, really?... I’m sorry to hear that..So, is there anything that I can do to
    help you ?
You : Well, I don’t know for sure.
Teacher : Hmm….Why don’t you use ASKES to help you paying the hospital’s
    expenses ?
You      : It might work out… Ok, I will try to prepare the documents that are
Teacher : And for your school fees….Hmm… I will try to speak to the Head
    Master to give you clemency in the payment.

You : Hi, you look so sad? What happened?
Your friend : Well, I split with Pandu last night. I can’t tell my pain and sorrow   in words.
You : Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. May I know the problems?
Your friend : Yes, I heard from my friend that he went with another girl two days   ago.
You       : Oh, really? Have you asked Pandu about this? Did he really go with
                     another girl?
You : Do I have to ask? I mean….I was really upset and I just directly broke upwith him.
Your friend : I think you should ask Pandu first about this. Maybe, your friend just didn’t like you and Pandu, so she wanted to separate both of you.
You : Mmmm……probably you are right. Well, I think I should talk to Pandu.
Your friend : Yap, I think that’s a good idea.

Story teller : Once, on the coast of Western Sumatra near the mouth of the Batang
Arau River there lived a boy named Malin and his mother. They were very poor.
You : I’m so sad to hear that
Story Teller : You’re right. You know Malin wished to become a captain of a great ship. So, Malin went sailing.
You : Well, go on
Story teller : Years passed by. Then, a great ship came to Batang Arau River. It was Malin’s ship. He had become a rich merchant and a ship. He also had a beautiful rich wife.
You : How lucky he is.
Story teller : On hearing that, Malin’s mother came to the ship because she wanted to see Malin. She had missed Malin for a long time.
You : What happened then?
Story teller : But alas! Malin didn’t want to be recognized that the poor woman was his own mother. He was ashamed of her.
You : What a poor woman she is!
Story teller : His mother was very sad and angry. She then prayed and asked to God to punish her son.
You : How unlucky he is!
Story teller : Suddenly, there was a huge wave in the sea and it overturned Malin’s Ship.
You : Oh, what a sad story!

Accept any possible answer
This flower has no leaves or stems. It is white. It grows on a stone hill in the same direction.
Respond: Oh, really ? That’s amazing
He saw a beautiful princess treating his wound gently. Then, she fed him with some hot soup
`Respond : How lucky he is

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