pernyataan untuk menyuruh, malarang untuk melakukan sesuatu

satu pernyataan untuk menyuruh melakukan sesuatu, satu pernyataan untuk melarang melakukan sesuatu, dan pertanyaan untuk melakukan atau tidak melakukan sesuatu.
Peserta didik perlu memiliki kebebasan untuk berkreasi. Kunci jawaban yang diberikan di bawah hanya salah satu alternatif, bukan satu-satunya jawaban yang benar.

Pastikan bahwa pernyataan yang dibuat peserta didik sesuai dengan situasi, serta secara gramatikal benar.

1. The bedroom
a. You have to make your bed before you go to school.
b. You should not leave your bedroom with the lamps on.
c. Do I have to sweep it everyday?

2. The bathroom
a. You should clean your bathroom at least once a week.
b. Your bathroom must not be slippery. It is dangerous.
c. What should I use to clean the bathroom.

3. The meal
a. You should eat a lot of vegetable.
b. You don’t have to eat meat in every meal.
c. Do we have to have breakfast every morning?

4. The classroom
a. Keep your classroom clean and tidy all the time.
b. You should not leave your valuables when you leave the classroom.
c. Can we eat our lunch in the classroom?

5. The school yard
a. We should plant some trees in our school yard.
b. You must not park your bicycle in the school yard.
c. Should every student plant one tree in the school yard?

6. The extra-curricular activity
a. We should join the Scout to learn to be independent.
b. Don’t waste your time playing games. Join one of the extra curricular activities at your school.
c. Can we miss more than !ve sessions to get the Certi!cate of Attendance?

7. The park
a. We should take care of the park. It is a public facility.
b. You must not walk on the grass.
c. Should we exercise in the park?

8. Mother’s Day
a. Give your mom a day o! from the kitchen on Mother’s Day.
b. Don’t buy a card. You can make one yourself for your mom.
c. Should we give a piece of "ower to our mother on Mother’s Day?

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